About Vauxhall Gardens

About us

Vauxhall Gardens, has created a full line of personal care and well-being products that have an exceptionally high content of the world’s most beneficial botanicals.  Our farm is located on a pristine stretch of the Niagara Escarpment and our primary goal is to set the bar for botanical extracts which ultimately distinguishes our products from any other.

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Our botanicals

Each botanical grown here at Vauxhall Gardens is chosen for its highly active properties and our extraction processes ensure we capture the botanical’s signature to its fullest degree.

Attar of Rose Geranium
Blessed with a very uplifting fragrance, this botanical will balance the skin and bring vitality to sluggish and oily complexions. It also helps with maintaining the skin’s elasticity and will gently heal any aggravations on the skin’s surface.

Vauxhall Gardens grows the finest of all Rose Geranium cultivars, Pelargonium capitatum c.v. Attar of Roses. Users will note with pleasure the benefits this botanical has on both their skin and their soul.

At Vauxhall Gardens we are committed to growing the Calendula officinalis c.v. Calypso Orange as it contains the highest active properties of any known Calendula. With the increased restorative properties of our Calendula it is perfect for dry or damaged skin and offers excellent healing qualities with ongoing protection from premature aging.

For centuries herbalists have trusted Calendula to soothe dry and inflamed skin conditions making it an excellent addition to skin and lip formulations.

Chamomile has long been considered a sacred herb because of its gentle yet effective healing attributes. Known mainly for the soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits it offers skin, it also provides deep cleansing attributes due to its mildly astringent nature.

At Vauxhall Gardens, we grow a German strain of Chamomile called Matricaria recutita c.v. Zloty Lan, which far surpasses all other varieties with its high essential oil medicinal compounds.

Highly valued since Roman times, Vauxhall Gardens cultivates the Bocking 14 variety of Comfrey exclusively because it contains the highest allantoin content known. Allantoin is a natural cell rejuvenator that speeds healing and will reduce any sort of inflammation. If you, or someone you love, suffers from sore, stiff, achy joints, Comfrey is an amazing, natural healer.

Due to Comfrey’s ability as a cell proliferator that speeds up the natural replacement of body cells, it is ideal for treating a wide variety of issues whether it be topical or below-the-surface.

In the past few decades, Echinacea has gained worldwide fame for its antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. At Vauxhall Gardens, we cultivate only Echinacea angustifolia which is universally considered to be the most medicinally potent of all varieties


About Vauxhall
Cherished for its sweet fragrance, Lavender has become of the most popular medicinal herbs since ancient times. Extremely gentle on the skin while providing tremendous healing properties and high antiseptic qualities, Lavender is the age-old secret for keep skin clear and fresh looking.At Vauxhall Gardens, we cultivate Super Lavender exclusively (Lavandula x intermedia c.v. Phenomenal) to ensure a high quality oil and a uniform, highly scented flower.Rose
The Rose is the undisputed Queen of the garden and a highly desirable ingredient in any skin care formulation. Vauxhall Gardens is committed to growing only the most fragrant flowers with the highest oil content and therefore only grow select varieties of the Damask Rose.Roses are beneficial to all skin types but they are especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skin with the added aromatherapy benefit of emotional wellness.

When extensive scientific research revealed the astonishing anti-aging properties of Helichrysum italicum, this unassuming botanical shot to the top of the most wanted ingredient list in the skin care world. Stimulating cell regeneration, reduction of free-radical damage which prevents premature aging of the skin and phenomenal toning qualities, Helichrysum works hard at keeping your skin looking young.

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