When extensive scientific research revealed the astonishing anti-ageing properties of Helichrysum italicum, this unassuming botanical shot to the top of the most wanted ingredient list in the skin care world. Stimulating cell regeneration, reduction of free-radical damage which prevents premature ageing of the skin and phenomenal toning qualities, Helichrysum works hard at keeping your skin looking young.

HelichrysumWe have to salute the French skin care company l’Occitane for starting us to grow Helichrysum italicum or, as it is commonly known as, Immortelle.  Having made Shea Butter a mainstream raw material as one of its many accomplishments, l’Occitane can also be credited for bringing Helichrysum back from an endangered native plant to a commercially cultivated must-have-ingredient in skin care products. The story really begins in the early ’80’s when Helichrysum was first scrutinized by the scientific community and the incredible documentation showing the anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties of this plant became public knowledge. Almost immediately, unscrupulous manufacturers went ’wild craft’ harvesting this plant from its native habitats (southern Europe) to the point where it became endangered. Frustrated by this looting and destruction of the plant, l’Occitane began the first, large scale organic Helichrysum plantation in Corsica for use in their beautiful skin care products.

Helichrysum is the type of plant that fits very well with our mandate of growing only the very best botanicals for use in effective skin care. In 2010 we planted our first crop of Helichrysum and were exceedingly pleased with the yields. Even though that first season was cool and rainy (the exact opposite of the culture that Helichrysum typically prefers), the plant grew very well and made us very optimistic about the possibilities this plant will give us.

Our extraction methods are second to none. We copper distill the fresh plants and use the resulting hydrosol as a toner and as a replacement for water in our creams, lotions and serums. We also solvent extract using Vegetable Glycerine and Sweet Virgin Almond Oil so that every last beneficial molecule from the plant ends up on your skin.

Maybe it’s time for you to discover the restorative properties of Helichrysum? If keeping your skin young looking or if you are looking for a strong defense to free radicals, this just might be the botanical you have been looking for!

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