The Rose is the undisputed Queen of the garden and a highly desirable ingredient in any skin care formulation. Vauxhall Gardens is committed to growing only the most fragrant flowers with the highest oil content and therefore only grow select varieties of the Damask Rose.

roseRoses are beneficial to all skin types but they are especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skin with the added aromatherapy benefit of emotional wellness.

Roses are the symbols of love, beauty, war and politics. To us here at Vauxhall, where we cultivate only Damask Roses, they are the symbol of horticultural perfection and their fra-grance is the symbol of absolute purity. It is both a pleasure and an honour to care for these plants: growing strong, healthy, natural plants; harvesting the delicate blooms at the peak of perfection to; extracting the tantalizing botanical signatures for use in our skin care. Grow-ing roses is, quite frankly, addictive.

There are thousands upon thousands of different types of roses on this planet and each of them belong in one of the following categories: Hybrid Teas, floribundas, grandifloras, miniatures, mini-floras, climbing roses, old garden, shrubs and polyanthus. Damask Roses fall into the ’old garden’ category and their genetic code is often used as the to develop fash-ionable new varieties that will exhibit fragrance in their attributes.
Don’t let the sweet, ethereal fragrance produced by the Damask Roses fool you into thinking that they are delicate little creatures! Far from being prima donnas, these robust woody plants grow into 5’ shrubs which produce hundreds of blooms heavy with perfumed resin. Of course, there are many environmental condi-tions that affect the quality of the roses’ perfume but we have found that, in addition to growing conditions, it is the age of the rootstock that provides an even greater depth to the fragrance. 2012 and we can hardly wait to smell the vintage of our 5 year old rootstock!

Under the guise of so much beauty and personality, one often forgets of the profound physiological benefits that the rose imparts to the skin. Roses have many therapeutic properties (antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, bactericidal) that translate into a beautiful tonic for the skin. Roses also have emollient and hydrating properties which help the skin stay soft, properly moisturized and fight aging, while the stimulat-ing action the Rose provides makes the skin appear more vital and youthful.

There are many, well-documented values attributed to the Rose collected over hundreds of generations primarily because of its extensive use by those with aristocratic sensibilities. The cultivation and extraction of the Rose’s fragile signatures was essential to anyone of a certain distinction because it provided the user with a soft, dewy and youthful complexions. There is a long history of benefits including its ability to heal scars and diminish enlarged capillaries, reduce puffiness, firm the skin, revitalize tired and sluggish skin while imparting a most in-toxicating fragrance. Damask roses figured prominently in this illustrious history.

We capture the essence of the Rose in a variety of ways. The largest volume of our roses are used in hydrosol production – you use fresh roses for making hydrosol. The remainder of our rose harvest is dried and used either in a solvent extraction process to create either Rose Oil or Rose Glycerite,or, we use the dried petals in our facial steams. We do, however, purchase Rose essential oil and use only the Rose otto from Turkey. Undiluted, unadulterated and good lineage is what makes our Rose extracts so fine.

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