Chamomile Baby Cream

Size: 118 mL


Vauxhall loves babies! We especially love contented babies who coo in appreciation of their comfortable bottoms and rash free bodies. However, pampering your bundle of joy in the most natural and healthful way possible while effectively addressing the troublesome skin issues that sometimes crop up is paramount. This baby cream will keep everyone happy primarily be- cause the main ingredient is Vauxhall’s very own Chamomile Infused Sweet Virgin Almond Oil ~ a very powerful yet extremely gentle, therapeutic oil which is perfect for sensitive skin that has been aggravated or irritated in some way. In addition, we have added a small compendium of other natural ingredients which all work to benefit the skin in the most gently healing and pure way and prevent any future skin problems. So, whether you are fighting off the mother of all diaper rashes or you are simply applying a lovely cream to prevent any irritations, this is the cream for you. One final note, this cream is not exclusively for babies ~ use it freely on fragile, damaged skin and see how it immediately soothes, calms and softens any area with sensitive skin. See? We could all use a little babying now and then!


If you are stuck on what to talk about with your baby may we suggest the delightfully comforting ingredient list of this beautiful cream?

Prunus amygdalus (almond sweet) oil ~ Vauxhall starts with a luxurious, emollient Sweet Virgin Almond Oil and infuses it with the very best Chamomile that can be found on planet earth. Ours!

Helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil ~ the tall majestic sunflower produces seeds which in turn produces an oil extremely rich in vitamins that are ab- sorbed readily by the skin. Very nourishing and gentle.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil ~ the diaper creates a hostile environment from which tender baby skin must be protected. This rich Coconut oil provides a natural barrier on the skin for protection.

Beeswax ~ no, this is not a vegan product! Millions of local bees contributed to the production of this wonderfully natural yet effective seal to all of the hydrating properties of the other ingredients.

Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil ~ Jojoba oil is loaded with vitamin E which contributes powerful healing elements.

Sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil ~ Sesame oil is rich in vitamins and minerals which makes it an excellent emollient.

Zinc oxide ~ Zinc oxide has a 300 year history of safely protecting damaged skin with no known adverse reactions.

D-alpha tocopherol ~ Vitamin E is a healing agent and preservative.

Grapefruit seed extract ~ contains high levels of vitamin C & E & bioflavonoids. Naturally detoxifies and neutralizes free radicals.

Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil ~ centuries of mothers have relied on this remedy for all types of skin problems.

Vauxhall loves babies! We especially love contented babies who coo in appreciation of their comfortable bottoms!


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