Calendula Carrot – Hazelnut Eye Cream

Size: 59 mL

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and has more specialized care requirements than other parts of your face.  Yes, you definitely want to see sumptuous, rich and nourishing ingredients but what you want to feel is hydration in a weightless, quickly-absorbed cream.  Vauxhall grown Calendula and Helichrysum are the backbone of this cream's formula which will provide both repair and anti-aging benefits while the Carrot and Hazelnut oil are light yet super nutritious.  Also excellent for the decolletage.  #1 Bestseller.   

Our Carrot~Hazelnut Eye Cream contains 53% Vauxhall grown ingredients.

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Our Carrot-Hazelnut Eye Cream contains no water; we replace it with our copper distilled hydrosols and aloe juice.


Price: $20.00

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