Body Buzz Soap

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Kick start your day with this refreshing, moisturizing and energizing natural soap. Caffeine is the natural, active ingredient which extensive research has shown will increase microcirculation, reduce puffiness and cellulite. Not only that but it also improves the tone, texture and smoothness of the skin. Rice Bran oil and Kokum Butter are just some of the other extra special ingredients that is going to jump-start your now glorious day. Enjoy!


Aqua ~ UV treated deep spring water.

Elaeis guineensis (palm) oil ~ Gentle and restoring to the skin, Palm Oil is also what gives the soap masses of sparkling, exploding bubbles in the lather.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil ~ Coconut Oil is a very-solid-at-room- termperature oils that contributes to the hardness of the soap while mi- cro coating your skin and creating a moisturinzing barrier.

Oryza sativa (rice) bran oil ~ Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essen- tial oils, Rice Bran Oil provides the skin with additional moisture.

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) ~ lye

Garcinia indicia seed butter ~ Kokum Butter has excellent emollient proper- ties that are quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy feel. Helps with skin regeneration.

Persea gratissima (avocado) oil ~ Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins and very high in protein. Very moisturizing.

Prunus amygdalus (almond sweet) oil ~ Naturally soothing to dry and irri- tated skin, our Almond Oil has been infused with Calendula officinalis c.v. Calypso Orange. Intensified skin nourishment.

Ricininus communis (castor) seed oil ~ Castor oil acts as a protective barri- er on your skin protecting it against harsh environmental conditions.

Caffeine ~ Anti-oxidant, astringent and said to have a slenderizing effect be- cause it works to reduce puffiness. Also has an energizing effect.

Essential Oils ~ a delicious blend of uplifting and energizing scents that also provide detoxing to the skin tissue.

Kick start your day with this refreshing, moisturizing and energizing natural soap.

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