Infused Oils – Calendula


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An infused oil uses two simple ingredients ~ a high quality carrier oil and dried botanicals of a known provenance. At Vauxhall, we use only Sweet Virgin Almond Oil for our infused oils because it is a light, emollient and highly nourishing oil whose benefits are easily absorbed into the skin. Almond Oil is also very versatile because it is beneficial to all skin types and this is important to us because we use it in many of our bath and beauty formulations. Of course, we use the highest quality dried botanicals available globally (ours!) in a high ratio to the oil and allow them to steep together for a minimum of 6 weeks. This allows for the therapeutic benefits of the botanical to be thoroughly released into the oil and is readily apparent by the rich, full bodied colour the typically colourless Almond Oil takes on by the end of the process. Use our infused oils liberally in your bath for a luxurious dry skin treatment or directly on the skin to address more troubling skin issues.


Prunus amygdalus (almond sweet) oil ~ Sweet Virgin Almond Oil is expelled from the ripe kernels of the almond tree and it is highly beneficial to the skin because it contains a high percentage of fatty acids. This oil is always highly recommended in bath and beauty preparations because of its penetrating properties and that it can be used on any skin type from face to feet.

Calendula officinalis c.v. Calypso Orange ~ Calendula is a profoundly healing plant with both historic and scientific backing promoting its use. The primary actions that Calendula provides the body with are regeneration of skin cells, antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory actions. We harvest our Calendula at the peak of its maturity, dry each flower individually and then remove the petals. It is extremely important to note that we use the Calendula petals only when making an infused oil. Due to the superior quality of our botanicals, the final product is full bodied, radiating in natural colour and extremely therapeutic for a multitude of body applications from head to toe.

Use these beautiful Infused Oils in your bath, all over your skin when you are just out of the shower or as a massage medium.

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