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Tiger Balm is one of those small, happy discoveries that one makes in life and then suddenly, cannot live without. Wake up with a stiff neck? Tiger Balm. Have a headache? Tiger Balm. Stiff, achy muscles after a killer workout? Tiger Balm. Blocked sinuses? Tiger Balm. Once you make your little discovery with Tiger Balm, you will continually come into contact with others who have made a similarly delightful discovery with their Tiger Balm but for entirely different uses which will leave you wondering ‘is there anything that this simple little balm won’t do?’ You may not need it every day but when you do there is nothing quite like it to help you through life’s little troublesome spots. We believe that our superior and traceable ingredients make our Red Tiger Balm the very best so please read our ingredients list to see if you concur.


Beeswax ~ beeswax is a very stable, renewable, and useful ingredient in mak- ing a healing balm. Antiseptic, antibacterial, emollient and softening are just a few of the many beneficial properties beeswax contributes.

Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil ~ Olive oil is a very versatile and gentle carrier oil which is perfect for dry and irritated skin. Packed with strong antioxidants that help repair and renew damaged skin.

Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil ~ there is recent evidence that Sun- flower oil provides a protective barrier that resists infection. No surprises there as it contains high amounts of vitamins A, B, D & E.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil ~ Historically, Coconut oil was used to relieve stiffness in the joints, rheumatism and back pain. Creates a protective barrier on the skin and makes the skin beautifully soft.

Triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil ~ rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, Wheatgerm oil promotes skin cell formation, reduces scars, rejuvenates dry skin and has a anti-inflammatory effect.

Prunus amygdalus (almond sweet) oil ~ Sweet Virgin Almond oil that has been infused with Vauxhall botanicals Calendula and Chamomile. Calendula promotes healing and Chamomile calms irritation.

D-alpha tocopherol ~ Vitamin E is great for the skin and healing but also an excellent natural preservative.

Vegetable Glycerin and Citricidal ~ derived from the extract of the pulp, seed and inner rind of grapefruit, Grapefruit Seed Extract is considered to be the best natural preservative.

Cinnamomum camphora oil ~ It is crucial to note that Vauxhall uses only white Camphor essential oil. Camphor is what your grandparents used to use, to great effect, for inflammation, arthritis, muscular aches and pains, sprains, rheumatism ~ basically good for what hurts!

Mentha piperita leaf oil ~ Peppermint essential oil provides a cooling effect by constricting capillaries and helping with bruises and sore joints. Sharp, pene- trating scent due its high menthol content!

Melaleuca cajeputi oil ~ Cajeput essential oil has been part of traditional medicine since ancient times as a local application for skin ailments.

Cinnamomun zeylanicum (cinnamon) leaf oil ~ please note that Vauxhall uses only Cinnamon Leaf essential oil (not Cinnamon Bark which causes major irriation) in our formulation. Makes a warming liniment to relax tight muscles, ease joint pain, cramps and increases circulation.

Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil ~ the scent of Lavender essential oil is said to have a calming effect on the body. We use only Mont Blanc Lavender which is grown on the highest peak in Europe and the altitude, soil conditions, sun exposure and access to water produces a very sophisticated Lavender fra- grance. The best!

A natural alternative to the legendary balm without any compromises in its effectiveness!


Price: $7.00

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